I believe that progress is made best with parent/guardian involvement and in a natural environment for the child.  Therefore, evaluations will be completed at the child’s home and treatment will take place in the home or an agreed upon location.

Evaluations: Evaluations will take place in the child’s home and will be 60-90 minutes long.  The evaluation will be comprised of a parent/guardian interview, observation, as well as standardized testing if appropriate. Goals will be established based on family priorities and will be created with parent/guardian input. A written report will be provided.

Treatment: Occupational therapy sessions are 60 minutes (longer sessions may be requested for an increased fee). Treatment will take place in the child’s home or in the community.  Treatment may consist of problem solving recent or upcoming transitions, child therapist interaction, or parent coaching and education. Family members are encouraged to participate in sessions and will be given strategies to use outside of sessions in order to continue progress. Therapy services are also able to be be provided in the school or daycare setting.

Phone Consultations: If your are outside of south king county in Washington and your child has sensory processing/integration difficulties, this might be a good option for you. You will fill out a sensory questionnaire and then I will provide an initial phone consult for 20-40 minutes to help you understand your child’s sensory system and problem-solve areas of difficulty. Based on the initial consult, a follow up appointment may be scheduled via phone call with a parent/guardian or Facetime with the parent/guardian and the child. Phone consultations are not reimbursed by insurance at this time.
$50 for 20-40 minutes