Families are responsible for paying Three Trees Pediatric Occupational Therapy directly.  An itemized receipt will be sent at the first of the month following scheduled appointments. If a family wishes to pursue insurance reimbursement I am able to provide an itemized invoice and receipt with diagnosis (provided by a medical doctor) and treatment codes following payment. The family then will submit the bill to their insurance company. Families are urged to familiarize themselves with their particular insurance companies’ reimbursement procedure. I am not able to counsel families regarding particular insurance reimbursement policies as they vary widely. I am able to provide additional documentation as needed to help with reimbursement. For example, if an invoice receipt is needed to document that your bill has been paid in full I am able to provide that upon request.

Fees for therapy provided at home, in the community or at school including meetings for wrap-around services or IEP meetings:

Evaluation (code 97165, 97166, or 97167)
60-90 minutes: $260

Treatment (code 97530):
60 minutes: $140
90 minutes: $210

* Fee due at the time of evaluation or treatment session.
* Shorter or longer session length may be available on request pending therapist availability and needs of child.